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Myofascial Realignment Therapy

Experience the Difference in Pain Relief

We start with a complete history intake of all the trauma your body has experienced since you were born. We also make note of any surgeries, medical conditions and medications you are presently taking, draw a picture of your pain on a body scan, and note what level of pain you are experiencing. Then you will perform specific Orthopedic Tests including Range of Motion Tests to determine what areas of your body are restricted.

You benefit from my 34 years of treating, learning and staying current with the latest research on Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction.

I am experienced with Trigger Point Pressure Release, Deep Fascia Manipulation and Joint Realignment. I also use Frequency Specific Microcurrent and MicroLight 830 Cold Laser during treatment to decrease pain, inflammation and swelling. This helps to keep the treatment at a tolerable level, so you do not re-tighten or become tense.

Fascia is Fasci-nating! We now know Fascia talks to the brain via proprioceptors just like the muscles. It is the soft tissue that literally and figuratively ties and holds everything together.

Fascia contracts and feels pain like muscles. Fascia is connected to other fascia, muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves, blood vessels, joint capsules, joints, etc. The Superficial Fascia is just beneath the skin and that’s where we start treatment. We release the Superficial Fascia first before we treat deeper into the Deep Fascia and Muscles.

Once the Fascia and Muscles are released and gently stretched to their full normal length, we realign the joints using gentle traction and Muscle Energy Techniques. Since the joints also talk to the brain, once the joints are in correct position, the brain stops telling the muscles and fascia to splint and brace.

This is how the treatment holds from session to session and the pain does not return, which means fewer treatments are necessary to decrease or eliminate your pain.

Thank you so incredibly much for all your hard work, expertise and support throughout my healing process after the car accident. You helped make a significant difference in the rate in which I got better. I also learned so much from every session with you.

— Colleen