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Fascial Manipulation Graduate!

Now it is official, I am a Fascial Manipulation Therapist!

2016 Fascial Manipulation Seminar, Scottsdale AZ

Instructor Stefano Casadei,PT, and Vicky Magown at Fascial Manipulation Seminar in Scottsdale AZ
January 10, 2016

I just returned from Scottsdale, Arizona, for the second time in a month. I attended the Fascial Manipulation Seminar Part 2, A & B, three days each, led by Warren Hammer, DC, MS, and Stefano Casadei, PT. On Sunday, we had a graduation ceremony with cake and champagne.

I attended Part 1, A & B in March and April, 2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada, and have been treating patients’ Fascia since then using all that I learned.

This last Fascial Manipulation Seminar put the icing on the cake for me. We learned the importance of Fascia Points, Center of Fusion, over the joints, retinaculum, ligaments and tendons. Treating those particular Fascia Points can speed up treatment as they release the Fascia tension in multiple directions.

2016 Fascial Manipulation Seminar, Scottsdale AZ

Instructor Warren Hammer, DC, MS, and Vicky Magown at Fascial Manipulation Seminar in Scottsdale AZ
February 7, 2016

Once we release the Fascia Points along specific Fascia Lines, called Diagonals and Spirals, the Muscle Trigger Points are either released also or release easily. Then we stretch the Fascia and Muscles to their full normal length and realign the joints to a neutral position.

On Sunday, January 31, 2016, I presented a one hour lecture on Fascial Manipulation at the UNM Medical Continuing Education Myofascial Therapy Seminar (three days) here in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It was well received and Pain Practitioners want to learn more about it.

Combining all I have learned and practiced over 34 years has resulted in Myo-Fascial Realignment Therapy. We treat the Fascia, Muscles and then realign the joints in a one hour treatment. Combining these elements assures the pain does not return.

I suggest about six appointments initially to get your pain under control.

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