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Myofascial Realignment Therapy

Tightness, aching, sore and painful muscles and fascia usually take years to develop. Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction is cumulative over all the years you have lived. This means surgery or a fall or injury you sustained as a child can be part of the discomfort you are experiencing now. And of course, the recent injury from a Motor Vehicle or Workers Compensation Accident can not only cause immediate pain, but problems months—even years—later.

You benefit from my 34 years of treating, learning and staying current with the latest research on Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction. I use different techniques and modalities I have learned throughout the years as a Manual Practitioner. Learn More

Thank you for everything! You are wonderful! You keep investigating until you find the problem. Not only did you help me recover from the accident, but you have also improved many other aspects of my body and life.

— Françoise

I’ve never heard a presentation I’ve enjoyed more or learned more from! You are sooo dang awesome as presenter...not to mention providing us with the latest and greatest research on Myofascia points...a goldmine!

— Joyce Gilbert, LMT, NMT
Medical illustration of the Lymph System

So what does the Lymph System have to do with Fascia? Everything! The Lymph System lives in your Superficial Fascia. The Fascia and Muscles need to be flexible, supple and strong to move the lymph through the lymphatic vessels. In this month's article, Fascia, Muscles and the Lymph System, you'll learn about the effects that trauma and injury to the Fascia and Muscles have on the the Lymph System, and how to treat it as a Manual Practitioner.